"A splendid account."

—Simon Winchester, author of Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded


Superstorm exhumes a recent epic disaster from our denial-shortened memories and slams it back where it belongs, in all its amazing fury: a screaming alert, dead ahead, to brace for what may be next if we keep messing with nature. This is first-rate, exhaustive reporting, and a
ripping read.”

—Alan Weisman, NYT bestselling author of The World Without Us


“The Big One is coming. This book will sweep into town, pick you up, and carry you away. Like a great and gripping novel, Superstorm takes us moment-by-moment through the days building up to and climaxing in the largest storm the world has ever seen, while making us care deeply for those in the storm's path. It's a thrilling book. Pick it up, read it, and be transported."

—David Gessner, author of
The Tarball Chronicles and
Return of the Osprey.


“Kathryn Miles superbly captures the overwhelming power of Sandy and the devastation it brought down... In spite of all of civilization's technological advances, nature can easily sweep aside the facade that we are in control. That meeting of humanity, science, and nature has never been more dramatically portrayed.”

—Andy Hall, author of
Denali’s Howl


Superstorm: Nine Days Inside Hurricane Sandy

The first complete moment-by-moment account of the largest Atlantic storm system ever recorded—a hurricane like no other.

The sky was lit by a full moon on October 29, 2012, but nobody on the eastern seaboard of the United States could see it. Everything had been consumed by cloud. The storm’s immensity caught the attention of scientists on the International Space Station. Even from there, it seemed almost limitless: 1.8 million square feet of tightly coiled bands so huge they filled the windows of the Station. It was the largest storm anyone had ever seen.


Initially a tropical storm, Sandy had grown into a hybrid monster. It charged across open ocean, picking up strength with every step, baffling meteorologists and scientists, officials and emergency managers, even the traditional maritime wisdom of sailors and seamen: What exactly was this thing? By the time anyone decided, it was too late.


And then the storm made landfall.


Sandy was not just enormous, it was also unprecedented. As a result, the entire nation was left flat-footed. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration couldn’t issue reliable warnings; the Coast Guard didn’t know what to do. In Superstorm, journalist Kathryn Miles takes readers inside the maelstrom, detailing the stories of dedicated professionals at the National Hurricane Center and National Weather Service. The characters include a forecaster who risked his job to sound the alarm in New Jersey, the crew of the ill-fated tall ship Bounty, Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Christie, and countless coastal residents whose homes—and lives—were torn apart and then left to wonder . . . When is the next superstorm coming?

"An enchanting and dedicated historian, Kathryn Miles takes us on a journey from lore to science and back again. By turns harrowing and heartwarming, All Standing salvages the treasure of a history lost at sea."

— J.C. Hallman, author of The Devil is a Gentleman and Wm & H'ry and In Utopia


All Standing illuminates a dire period in history I knew little about. Through Kathryn Miles’ crisp writing and meticulous research, I gained understanding and insight into this humanitarian crisis, but also felt as if I was a passenger on the harrowing trans-Atlantic crossing of the Jeanie Johnston. Bravo to the author for bringing the story to life and illuminating the best and worst of the people involved.”

— Michael Tougias, author of A Storm Too Soon, Fatal Forecast, and Overboard!


"Well-researched and engagingly written, Kathryn Miles' All Standing is full of compelling characters—including The Jeanie Johnston herself. The ship becomes a beacon of hope in an age Miles paints with vigor as beset by famine, disease, political callousness and cruelty."

—Ginger Strand, author of Killer on the Road and Inventing Niagara



All Standing: The True Story of Hunger, Rebellion, and Survival Aboard the Jeanie Johnston

Spurred by a complex web of motivations—shame, familial obligation, and sometimes even greed—hundreds of thousands of people launched themselves into the heart of one of Britain’s most ambitious and divisive political programs. Over 100,000 people died aboard other coffin ships. But in the face of horrific losses, a small ship named The Jeanie Johnston never lost a passenger. Shipwright John Munn, community leader Nicholas Donovan, Captain James Attridge, and Dr. Richard Blennerhassett, and the efforts of a remarkable crew allowed thousands of individuals to find safety and fortune throughout the United States and Canada.

Why did these men succeed when so many others failed? What prompted them to act, when so many people preferred to do nothing—or worse? Using newspaper accounts, rare archival documents, and her own experience sailing as an apprentice aboard the recently recreated Jeanie Johnston, Kathryn Miles tells the story of these extraordinary people and the revolutionary milieu in which they set sail. The tale of each individual is remarkable in and of itself; read collectively, however, their stories paint a unique portrait of bravery in the face of a new world order.

Interwoven in their tale is the story of Nicholas Reilly, a baby boy born on the ship’s maiden voyage.  The Reilly family climbed aboard The Jeanie Johnston in search of the American Dream. And while they would find some version of that Dream, it would not be without struggle – a struggle that would drop Nicholas right into one of the most controversial moments in American history. Against the backdrop of one of history’s greatest atrocities, Miles weaves a thrilling, intimate narrative, chronicling the sea-passage and birth of one Irish-American family. Theirs is a story of ingenuity and even defiance: one that recounts a struggle to succeed, to shake the mantle of oppression and guilt, to endure in the face of unimaginable hardship. On more than one occasion, stewards of the ship would be accused of acting out of self interest or greed. Nevertheless, what these men—and their ship—accomplished over the course of eleven voyages to North America was the stuff of legend.


“After a few generations of losing touch with nature, our eyes don't work so well any more. So it's a fine idea to borrow another pair, especially if they're attached to a wet and useful nose.”

—Bill McKibben, author Deep Economy


“Charming, rich, intelligent...and best of all, on every page Kathryn Miles displays her love for Ari and dogs of every kind. I read it in one sitting!”

—Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, author of When Elephants Weep


“At last, a canine memoir that is unique and irresistible. . . . Written in a clear and vivid prose style, this book goes beyond telling the familiar story of a dog and its owner. Allowing her shelter puppy Ari to be her "green" guide, Miles casts Ari's leash aside and learns to see the world through the eyes of a shy puppy as they explore the outdoors.” —Library Journal


Adventures with Ari

Can you learn everything you need to know about nature from a dog?  Kathryn Miles thinks so. Her book, Adventures with Ari, lovingly chronicles the year she spent in the wilderness with her dog, Ari.

Once some basic ground rules are set, Kathryn takes the leash off her dog and the blinders off her own eyes. A new world soon emerges: She and Ari explore a backyard landscape of grass, mud, snow, trees, and the occasional fox. They find the scent of a northern wind, the footprints of a startled raccoon, and other secrets of the natural world. The puppy’s free-spirited outlook teaches Kathryn to see more when she might otherwise have seen less, while adding a certain excitement and clarity of vision. Soon, Kathryn begins to give up control and know the world as Ari learns it.

A beautifully crafted tale of a developing nature lover, Adventures with Ari reveals the ins and outs of dog ownership and how that bond can permeate all of the relationships in our lives.  More than that, though, Adventures with Ari shows us all what it is to be human—and what it is to be humane.